11 Ways to Live Simply Everyday

11 Ways to Live Simply Everyday | Coming Om
A few months back, I wrote about my journey to minimalism – how I came to the decision to start it and where I wanted it to take me. I’ve made significant progress since then, in terms of developing a crystal clear idea of my end goal and taking small yet significant steps toward it. Now that I have a better grasp of how I want the practice of minimalism to look in my life, I’m ready to put my plan into writing and make it real. And so here it is – my plan for the next 30 days.



  •  Reduce my fall/winter wardrobe to 30 pieces total, consisting only of those items that make me feel my best when I wear them. Here is my favorite guide on creating a minimalist wardrobe. This also means packing up and storing all warm weather clothing for next year. Out of sight, out of mind.
  • Give away more stuff. Not only will it help me to reach my 30-item limit, but it’ll force me to stay in the ‘less is more’ mindset.


  • Cancel all of the extras that I’m paying for monthly that I don’t even use. And for the ones that I do use, turn off auto-renew feature. This allows me to decide whether I want to continue versus having that decision made for me.
  • Reintroduce myself to basic cable. Then, reintroduce myself to no television at all.


  •  Stock the kitchen with my favorites and nothing else, which means that I’ll always be satisfied. Plus it’s one less area of my life where I have to make decisions. No more buying what I think I should eat (even though I hate it). And no more late-night fast food ordering because there’s nothing good in the fridge – or nothing at all.
And in an effort to also apply my minimalist practice to my mental clutter:


Phone / Apps / Computer

  • Choose my top 10 apps. These are the must-haves – the apps that I use every day, even multiple times a day.
  • Choose 5 more that are nice to have. These are the ones that I might not use every day, but that come in handy in certain situations, like when I’m away from home.  Then, get rid of everything else.
  • Cut down on social media (a lot). This means no more of my valuable free time spent on social networks that I don’t particularly enjoy, even if my friends and family do. And no more daily emails filling my inbox from (insert social network here), telling me who I might want to be friends with.
  • Unsubscribe without mercy. While I am important to some people, I certainly don’t think that I’m important enough to have 472 unread messages in my personal email inbox from the last 4 days (which I currently do). A lot of this, if not all, is clutter from companies that I no longer care to engage. Time spent sifting through these messages can be better used on those with whom I actually do want to engage.



  •  Redraw the boundaries with those who consistently make me feel exhausted and depleted.
  • Put an end to the personal and professional relationships that no longer serve me.

What do you plan to do as part of your minimalist journey? I’d love to hear your thoughts below.


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