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5 Best Storytelling Podcasts | Coming Om

These five storytelling podcasts do more than just ignite my playful and creative sides. They help me to remember how much a great story can connect us to each other and to ourselves.


The Strangers podcast showcases some of the most fascinating and inspiring real-life stories from people of all walks of life. Not only will the stories themselves draw you in. Producer and host Lea Thau and her perfectly enamouring voice will keep you hooked as well.

Start with: “American Mormon – International Mr. Leather”. This is a story that keeps unfolding minute by minute, layer after layer, and that at first surprises you, but then makes you remember that real life is often just that complex.

The Truth

The Truth uses just enough cinematic flair to make you feel like you’re sitting in a movie theater with your eyes closed. Though the stories told on The Truth podcast are works of original fiction, they always feel eerily real.

Start with: “Eat Cake”. By the middle of the story, I was convinced that there are a lot of really weird people out there. But by the end of the story, I was convinced that I am one of them. Plus, this story is entirely improvised — though you would never, ever guess.


This documentary-style podcast focuses on the subject of change and transformation, and straddles nicely between the past and present.

Start with: “Black Herman’s Private Graveyard”. With this story, you’ll find a pleasant dose of reality that feels like fiction, with a historical bent that makes you leave a little smarter than you came. (And the story unfolds in my very own backyard, which made the listening that much sweeter.)

Mystery Show

Think Harriet the Spy meets Manhattan. Mystery Show takes you on a journey through various modern-day mysteries, often taking the types of random twists and turns that make the stories that much better.

Start with: “Case #1: Video Store”, although I strongly suggest that you listen to them all. Every episode is just as much fun as it is ‘mysterious’. And I’m addicted to host Starlee Kline’s voice and narration. You will be too.

The Heart

Listening to The Heart is akin to having the deepest, most honest conversation with your closest friend. It’s that juicy and real and raw. It’s also sweet and romantic and sometimes sad. The best part is that the stories rarely ever end the way you think they will.

Start with: “The Subway”. As a frequent (though reluctant) subway rider, this story is one that I wish I could’ve experienced for myself — kind of.


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