7 More Tools For Creative Work

7 More Tools For Creative Work | Coming Om

In addition to these 10 essential tools, here are seven more that will make your creative output that much easier and more enjoyable.


Evernote – The Notebook That Goes Everywhere


Evernote is the digital notebook of my dreams. I use it for all of my creative needs – brainstorming notes, to-do lists, blog post drafts, journaling, and more. It syncs seamlessly across all devices and lets you connect with your Google Drive, attach documents and images, and clip websites. Though there are now different tiers of the product, the Basic level is definitely worth having.


Soundcloud – Share Your Voice


I’m late to discovering all that Soundcloud is and does, but am very glad that I now know. I even use it for my Why Brand podcast. With audio becoming a more popular medium for information sharing, Soundcloud makes it easy to host your own audio on their platform for free.


Moo – The Cool Way To Self-Promote


Moo is a dream for faux graphic designers like myself. I first discovered it a few years ago when looking for business card templates that weren’t extremely corny. Now it has expanded to so much more, like notebooks, letterhead, and stickers. The designs are sleek, modern, and fun. Best of all, the design process is intuitive and quick.


Google Docs, Sheets, & Slides – The Easy Way To Publish


When I’m doing in-depth writing projects and need more robust features, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are my tools of choice. Your work automatically saves in the cloud as you go and easily exports into multiple file formats. You can even collaborate easily with others, with everyone in the same document at the same time for faster editing.


Pocket – Save Inspiration For Later


Pocket is the perfect tool for storing the content that inspires you, which you can do easily from your laptop or your phone. It also lets you categorize and tag everything that you save, which is a plus for organization junkies like myself.


Etsy – Create Your Own Online Business


Though I have used Etsy for years, I’ve only recently discovered the many digital products that are also sold on the platform. For those looking for a place to share their own creative digital products – like I do in my Etsy shop  – this platform makes it easy to launch and run your own online business.


Typeform – Online Surveys Made Human


When I need to collect data for my branding and marketing work, Typeform is my go-to. It’s a tool built with great design and user experience in mind. There is also a wide variety of survey and form templates to choose from, with an interface that’s clean, intuitive, and distraction-free.


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