How To Create A Daily Routine

How To Create A Daily Routine

Daily routines haven’t gotten their just due.

For many, the idea of a routine often brings to mind a boring, repetitive, and burdensome activity. However, the endless benefits of daily routines have been proven time and time again. In fact, the secret to success for some of the brightest and most impactful people in history often lies in their daily routines.

What Is A Daily Routine?

A daily routine is your own personal ritual, practiced consistently, until it becomes so engrained that you can’t imagine not doing. The power of a daily routine is that it creates time and space for everything that is important to you. It is not meant to be a way to fit an endless amount of tasks into any given day. Instead, it is an opportunity to identify and prioritize the essential, while eliminating the rest. A routine that is done well sets you up for success giving you space to do what you need, in order to achieve the results you seek.

Creating A Daily Routine

  • List your loves. Start by creating a list of the things that make your day great. What fuels you? What do you love doing the most? What do you need? That’s what should be on your list. Mine looks like this:coming-om-create-daily-routine-2
  • Create space in your day. Next, think about when in your day is best to incorporate each of the things on your list. For example, you may find that you do your best writing in the morning, when your mind is clear and the house is still quiet. Or, maybe you like to blow off steam in the evening, so find that to be an ideal time to workout.
  • Get specific. Here is where your daily routine will start to come together. Now that you have an idea of where you’ll fit everything into your day, block out a specific period of time the same time each day for each item on your list. Repeat this until everything you love has a place in your day.
  • Set yourself up for success. Getting used to your new routine can be hard, especially in the beginning. Use tools that can support you. Set up daily reminders in an app like, block out time on your personal and work calendars, and use post-it notes for a visual reminder whenever and wherever you need it.
  • Stick with it. You can greatly increase the chances that your new routine will stick by practicing it for at least 30 consecutive days. If you can make it through this first stretch, it’ll be much easier to keep it up over the long-term.

What do you include in your daily routine? Share in the comments.




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  • In my daily routine I’ve just created thanks to this new app. I’ve included:
    Clean house (which I love)

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