Giving Ourselves Over To Choice

Giving Ourselves Over To Choice | Coming Om

What makes choice so scary?

Well, there’s fear.

Choice means that it’s no longer possible to play the victim. We are in control of our own experiences. Everything that does or doesn’t happen in our lives is our own doing. We are the architects.

There’s intimidation.

Some days, making even the smallest decision feels like the heaviest of burdens. How are we to tackle the task of designing our entire lives?

There’s even some contradiction.

Isn’t there a higher power that’s supposed to take care of all of this?

But, even still … here’s what makes the power of choice the greatest of them all.


It’s where liberation resides

We don’t have to be who we were yesterday. It is on us to decide when to close the chapter and start fresh. We are not defined by what we once did or said, or didn’t do, or didn’t say.

And opportunity.

The possibilities become endless. We can wake up each morning and ask: What can I create for myself? How do I want this story to unfold? How can I move closer to the mountain?

And best of all, truth.

Regardless of our thoughts or even our words, choice always rings truest. Choice determines where we go when we wake up each morning, how we spend our time, who and what gets our attention, our energy, our love. It is the ultimate practice in honesty. 




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