19 Things I’m Not Giving Up In 2016

New Year Non-Resolutions | Coming Om

Let’s try something different this year.

Instead of focusing our New Year’s resolutions on all that we need to change or get rid of, why not resolve to be fully in love with who we are and what truly lights us up? These are often the little parts of our daily routine that allow us to review, reflect, and reset. In other instances, they are simply the things that make us feel joyful, silly, giving, and loved. Above all, they allow us to show up authentically and feel exactly how we want to feel — and isn’t that the point of it all?

Here’s what I’m not giving up in 2016:

  1. Pasta
  2. Pinterest
  3. Random sage smudging sessions at home
  4. All black everything
  5. Buying myself flowers
  6. Alone time
  7. Punctuality
  8. Capsule wardrobes
  9. Purging my spaces of all excess
  10. Saying no when that’s what I mean
  11. Breakup music
  12. Self improvement books, blogs, and podcasts
  13. Quitting things that need to be quit
  14. No makeup and flats > makeup and heels
  15. Talking 20%, listening 80%
  16. Friday nights in bed, watching Shark Tank
  17. Sunday mornings in bed, watching OWN
  18. Over-tipping
  19. Spending on experiences and not things

What are you not giving up this year? Share in the comments.


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