On Feeling Less Than

On Feeling Less Than | Coming Om

I’ve been very uncomfortable lately.

On my mission to step out of my safe space and into something that is bigger (much bigger), I’ve had more than a few encounters with self-judgment, doubt, fear of failure, and the thought that I may not be enough. It happens to all of us at some point, when we decide to leave comfort behind and embrace what’s new, different, and most times scary.

The hardest part is to remember that these feelings are both temporary and untrue. That clarity often doesn’t come until later. In the moment, however, here’s what you can do to come back to center and be reminded of your power.

Think outside of yourself

It’s bigger than me and you. All of it. I use moments of pause to focus on what I can do for others. Help someone else realize their passions. Give loving words to someone who needs it. Teach someone something that they want to know.

Do what you do best

What comes most naturally to me? Writing. For you, it could be a million other things, like painting, dancing, or meeting new people. Whatever it is that makes you feel the most confident, the happiest, and the most authentic, do that. Allow yourself to shine.

“Decide to rise …”    – Danielle LaPorte

Watch American Ninja Warrior

The way that these competitors handle themselves with such positivity, optimism, and grace is never lost on me. Though they are clearly competing for the top prize, their gratitude for the journey and the experience is clear, regardless of whether they win or not.

Call someone who loves you

Nothing serves as a better reminder of who I really am than those who love me unconditionally. When you’re starting to doubt yourself, talk to the people whose love for you and your superpowers is not tied to your latest achievements. They will help you to remember that you are worthy.


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