Starting Over Is A Blessing

Starting Over Is A Blessing | Coming Om

Nothing is the same. Thank goodness.

This past year was a challenge for many of us, myself included. For me, it was about letting go – sometimes intentionally and, other times, by having stuff literally (and figuratively) ripped from my grasp. I let go of material possessions, ways of being, my comfort zone, and many of the labels that I’d always used to define myself. Long-standing career aspirations were put to bed. Relationships ended. And on and on and on.

So when January 1st came around finally, there was no doubt I was starting with a very blank slate. This year, so far, has been an opportunity to go past the what and spend more time on the why and the how.

Why do I want something else for myself?

How will I choose differently this time?

As we all work to chart a new course for the new year, here are five questions that we should continually ask ourselves, to help guide our steps:

  • Who gets to stay?
  • Will it be time well spent?
  • What is holding you back?
  • Did you choose it? Do you even like it?
  • Will you miss it if it goes away?



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