A Minimalist’s Guide To Beauty

When I think about what it means to practice simple beauty, this is what comes to mind: I want products that are effective, but also all-natural, easy to find, inexpensive, and that work double or triple duty, so that I can get more out of less. Here’s what I reach for when I want to be […]

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The Value of Quitting | Coming Om

The Value of Quitting

As I write this, I’ve just finished up a list of everything that I need to accomplish between now and the New Year. There are just three items on that list — and I am both shocked and excited by that.

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Become the Master of Your Time | Coming Om

Become The Master Of (Your) Time

When I think about how I use to experience ‘time’, I doubt that I could have found a better visual to describe that experience than the one that is above this article. Far too often, my days — workdays, especially — ended up being a complete blur. I would start out with the best of […]

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