Writing To Uncover Self

Writing to Uncover Self | Coming Om

Last month, I wrote for 31 days straight.

It was my own personal challenge. While I already write regularly via this blog and elsewhere, I wanted to consciously create more space for writing in my life. The rules were simple: Put pen to paper at least once every day for the month of May, writing at least 500 words. No specific topics, genres or expectations to publish any of it. Just write.

Well, I did. Here’s what I gained.


Gone were the mental blocks that I’d had for several weeks before. When it came to the projects that I couldn’t finish, decisions that I couldn’t make, and relationships that I struggled with, the path forward very quickly became clear.


I created space. Prior to beginning, I was taking multi-tasking to a new level. My plate was more than full. Not surprisingly, my creativity, focus, and execution suffered. Through daily writing, I moved all of my questions, ideas, and ramblings onto paper, in order to make room in my head for something new.


Each day, writing became easier and the words flowed more effortlessly onto the page.


I got my feelings out, even the ones I didn’t realize I had. I put them on paper and left them there.


I dared to ask myself the hard questions. Then I answered them. Who are you being? What is your spirit saying? What are you learning? Why are you ashamed? How would you have done it differently? What are you avoiding? When will you decide? What’s not working? What is possible? Why you?



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