What Is Your Highest Love?

What Is Your Highest Love? | Coming Om

Take a moment to pause and think about how you spent your time this week.

Perhaps you went to work or school, caught up with friends, or visited the gym. Then, there’s the time you may have spent watching television, checking your social media, or browsing the internet.

Now, pause a few moments more to think about what you LOVE. What excites you the most? What grounds you, grows you, and makes you want to jump out of bed every morning. For many of us, that something is a hobby or a person. It could also be a feeling or some form of service. What is it for you?

Family. Helping people. Music. Creating art. Your partner. Popularity. Health. Freedom. Your job. Animals. Power. Teaching. Yoga. Travelling. Comfort. Feeding the hungry. Pleasure. Money. Strength. Writing. Social media. Dancing. The list goes on.

So now you have two groups of things: the first being what you spend your time on and the second being what you love.

Do they match up?

If the ultimate goal is to live a conscious and intentional life, showing up authentically  in regard how we make decisions isn’t something we can get around. To be fully intentional is to make each and every decision on purpose, based on what we want to have (or keep), how we want to feel, and what we dream of creating in the future. With that comes being honest and genuine about what we truly want. Often we profess to love something, but invest little to nothing into it. We choose repeatedly not to honor our highest loves. We neglect our talents, our passions and our people. We hold back on expressing gratitude and appreciation for those very things. Instead, we spend our time climbing the wrong ladders and pouring our energy and attention into what may be convenient or easy. What we’re left with is a false declaration to ourselves and others about what we value the most. What we’re left with is a large investment, but in the wrong account.

Why not try something different?

When deciding how we’re going to spend our time, let’s start with love and go from there.

And let’s start now.

With my help, you can create a plan that prioritizes your passions so that they fit flawlessly into your daily routine. Inquire about 1-on-1 coaching.

4 thoughts on “What Is Your Highest Love?

  • Hmmm. What gets me out of bed every morning is my Job…I have to make money to pay bills. 2nd, i have other people counting on me to show up and connect with. I am a light that’s needed in the midst of darkness.
    I wish i was living in my Passion as a Professional Dancer. Although I am dancing (impacting) larger bodies of ppl, i wish I was getting paid to do so. Hmmm

    Great Topic Uzy!

    • Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Remember that your passion can be how you make money as well — maybe not right away, but it IS possible.

      • Great and thought provoking. A few mins with God every morning centers me. It is always purposeful and a pleasure.

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